How to Effectively Manage Your Time as A Self-Proprietor

There are many benefits that come with being self-employed, including making your own hours and working with preferred clients. However, the one factor standing in the way of a productive work week is how well you manage your time. Effective time management can be the foundation of a successful business and propel you forward. As a self-proprietor, Nando Caporicci understands the importance of prioritizing daily tasks and highlights several ways to increase productivity.


  • Get Organized with Technology


To effectively manage time, it is essential that you stay organized. Use technology to your advantage by creating a comprehensive schedule that can be accessed across multiple devices. Use Google Calendar or another service to track and plan out your days. With Google Calendar, you’ll be able to set reminders, send out appointment invites, access and send files on the Google Drive and take notes. Therefore, everything will be in one spot—and you’ll be able to accomplish more. The idea here is to work smarter not harder.


  • If You Can’t Work at Home—Don’t


Working from home can be challenging, especially if you find yourself prioritizing homework over professional obligations. Often, people think they can’t begin working until they complete various other personal tasks. If that’s the case, consider looking into a coworking space. This will put you around other self-employed workers in a cozy workplace so you can focus primarily on work. You don’t need to invest in a complete office space either. Coworking spaces are affordable and usually come with different pricing plans. Most offer free coffee, tea and snacks and even have events after hours.


  • Start Early and Keep Track of Your Time


If you’re just starting as a self-employed worker, try waking up a little earlier to get things done. With this, you’re anticipating that there may be distractions and opting to get things done beforehand. In addition, keep track of how long tasks take you. This will allow you to book out your time better. If you’re a freelance writer and a project takes two hours, write it down. Then, next time you’ll know how long it will take. You’ll plan better, you won’t overbook your schedule and you’ll know when you’re going to be done with work that specific day.


  • Nando Caporicci on Knowing When to Stop


Just because you don’t work 9 to 5 with a solid schedule doesn’t mean you should work all day and night. Set a cutoff time so you can transition back into your personal life. If you don’t, you may end up putting things off until nighttime and cutting out part of your personal life. Decide what hours you’re going to work, if you’re going to work on weekends and on holidays. Nando Caporicci claims that working more hours does not necessarily translate to increased productivity, so it is important to strategize effective solutions to maximize the number of hours in a day.

Nando Caporicci

Nando Caporicci is the founder and owner of Olitris Technologies. Currently located in Les Cedres, Quebec, he is an entrepreneur and self-proprietor with a passion for Bitcoin mining hardware.

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