Unregulated, Decentralized Market of Cryptocurrencies, and Why People Invest

The cryptocurrency market has been constantly evolving since Bitcoin first appeared on the market. As cryptocurrencies have grown and evolved into a part of popular culture, individuals have become more and more interested. One large question that often pops up, why do people invest in cryptos? After all, they’re non-physical, unregulated, and decentralized. Nando Caporicci, Founder and owner of OliTris Technologies has worked in the tech field for nearly two decades. His experience with OliTris, which specializes in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin mining provides the perfect background to answer the questions that surround the massive world of cryptocurrencies.

An Overview

To start with, you might be wondering why cryptocurrencies are unregulated and decentralized in the first place. Firstly, cryptocurrencies are unregulated in large part because of time and technology, meaning that the innovative method of exchange hasn’t yet undergone legislative action. Recently, governments have been looking into regulations for various cryptocurrencies, but only minimal pieces of regulation have been put in place. Secondly, the decentralization of cryptocurrencies is a necessary part of their very existence. 

Cryptocurrencies work by having the information spread out across a blockchain. Without getting into too much detail, the information of the currency is distributed across the computers of everyone who holds that crypto. All the information is held by everyone, and thus, cannot be destroyed or changed by simply editing someone’s own files.

Of course, explaining all that doesn’t explain why you’re supposed to trust it, or especially why you’re supposed to invest your money in it. So, here are a couple reasons that the lack of regulation and centralization make cryptocurrencies an especially good investment;


Each crypto is recorded through the previously mentioned system of blockchain. As said above, the blockchain is an extremely secure system as a result of the way information is distributed. Your coins cannot be hacked, stolen, or lost, in the ways that traditional bank accounts or cash are vulnerable to.


Without regulations yet in place, there is still a massive opportunity for growth in the crypto market. In the last few years bitcoin and Ethereum have increased in value by up to 400% and are likely going to continue growing despite some market volatility. Investing now can lead to strong returns in the long run.


While it may sound minor, the lack of government intervention is something that proves quite important to some. For those who are not fans of government intervention, big banks, or monopolistic economic policies, cryptocurrencies are the perfect investment. A purely people-centric system, cryptos have no interference from central authorities, and are thus traded on an open, unimpeded market. You have full control over your cryptos, your account, and what you choose to do with your earnings.

Nando Caporicci and the Future of Cryptocurrency 

The world of cryptos is growing everyday and is poised to continue to change the way that we invest and bank. With this new information about the safety and security of cryptocurrencies helps to ease some of your concerns about investing. Further information, or assistance with other questions can be found at nandocaporicci.com, or though the services of OliTris Technologies.

Nando Caporicci

Nando Caporicci is the founder and owner of Olitris Technologies. Currently located in Les Cedres, Quebec, he is an entrepreneur and self-proprietor with a passion for Bitcoin mining hardware.

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